This time IS different regarding the rout in the oil's much worse than 2009!

“If you try to cure evil with evil
you will add more pain to your fate.” 


This time is different regarding the rout in the oil market. 3 key differences and reasons why we have more to lose this time around:

  • Last time we saw oil at these levels the US had less than one third the number of rigs operating. They have expanded production which has led to a shift in resources towards oil production.

  • Admittedly, we had no growth on this side of the pond, but look over there! China's taking off! To infinity and beyond....

  • Stock markets near all-time highs with valuations ripe to fall. With some parts of the market priced to perfection - look out below...

All this before mentioning any of the geopolitical turmoil....

That being said, we have taken a net 24.5% gain from our Suncor Energy position and await a new entry after the weekend.